Technology is Marvelous – Why We’re Living During The Best Time of History… Due to Technology

Technology is Marvelous – Why We’re Living During The Best Time of History

We’re living in the best time of history. Why such a bold statement? Well, it’s all thanks to technology. That’s right—technology. Technology is everywhere we look and go nowadays. It’s on the Internet. It’s in our smartphones. Technology is all there to make it easier for us to do things.

But why, you wonder? Well, let’s take a few moments to find out why technology’s made living today the best time in history.

Technology Access

Technology is everywhere – even where we least expect. Technology helped create most of the things we use today. Why? Technology, as applied to various industries, has essentially simplified how things get made.

Telecommunications famously advanced over the past few decades, thanks to technology. Medicine has also become more nuanced. It’s all thanks to technological contributions made throughout the past few decades. Technology also improved other everyday necessities, including electricity, clean water and plumbing.

Even information spreads faster thanks to technology. Most people now browse the Internet on their cellphones. That was unheard of, even ten years ago! Fact checking is now as easy as opening up Google and searching. Yeah, you don’t even need to pull out a reference book either!

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Growth of Telecommunications

Telecommunications have grown since their humble beginnings. Why? Well, telecommunication’s advancements over the years made communication easier.

About 25 years ago, only 12.4 million people subscribed to a cell phone plan. That counted about 0.25 of the world population. By 2010, the number of subscribers ballooned to about 4 billion. That accounted for about 67 percent of the world’s population. Internet usage also experienced a similar surge in subscribers. By 2010, over 1.8 billion people were online. Or about 27 percent of the world’s population. Twenty-five years before the growth surge, about 2.8 million people used the Internet.

People now communicate with each other anywhere. Anywhere in the world. Imagine that?  Smartphones and PCs enable people to connect with people anywhere – and we mean anywhere – at any time. Can you believe how quickly telecommunications have advanced in just a few decades?


Machine and Automation Advancement

Technology even changed how automation and machinery works. Various technological advancements have significantly simplified work in various industrial sectors. So, those sectors no longer need to source intricate machinery-related jobs to people. Now, automation has advanced so much a machine can handle such intricate work.

That means people who otherwise would do such work don’t have to anymore. The average work week has been significantly reduced due to such advancements. So, menial work isn’t menial work any more—since people now have more free time to themselves.


Technology is Marvelous

Technology’s great, huh? In a few short decades, technological advances have, well, significantly advanced. They have already drastically changed how the world works. And sure, technology doesn’t affect all parts of the world yet. Though many expect technological advances to reach rest of the world soon. How soon? Well, within the next few decades. Of course, technology by then will have already advanced even more than we have already seen. So, here’s to seeing what’s next!

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