Fove Vr Oculus Rift and HTC Vive Glasses – Next Step in Virtual Reality

Fove Vr Oculus Rift and HTC Vive Glasses – Next Step in Virtual Reality

With the release of Fove VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive VR glasses, true immersive virtual reality is on the horizon and it’s going to change the way that we live our day to day lives. It’s fair to say that this technology will have one of the single biggest impacts to our lifestyle. While the Internet enables you to learn and connects all of us in ways that we are just now developing, virtual reality headsets will broaden your horizons beyond your wildest dreams.

fove vr virtual reality

You’ll be able to put yourself in any kind of reality, and change the way that you watch movies forever. The world of the two dimensional movie may soon be coming to a close. The level of immersion for movie genres like action or horror are just a small example of how virtual reality can redefine entertainment.

Experiences that seem impossible today can be made a reality through virtual reality technology. Orbit a space station, travel deep into the sea or to another planet. The things that may not have ever seemed possible today can be just one step away using virtual reality.

One of the greatest ways in which VR technology can help improve our quality of life is through advanced simulations meant to educate. Learning and training will take on a new meaning as doctors and surgeons can train in a virtual environment. Students can learn about far away lands and historic events like never before. Dangerous jobs like firemen or military combatants can gain an additional edge that might otherwise endanger people.

It’s a technology that’s been at the center of countless science fiction movies, and it’s closer than you realize. Not only is virtual reality closer than you may realize but it will touch every aspect of your personal life. If you are wondering what the latest and greatest in virtual reality gadgets are, here’s a quick look below;

Oculus Rift – These virtual reality goggles are highly advanced and unlike anything else you’ve ever tried. Using immersive technology to drop in into the action, the Rift lets you go almost anywhere and do anything in the comfort of your home. Travel anywhere on a whim and enjoy the latest in entertainment media, like movies or video games like you’ve never done so before.

Brain in a vat. Image by ATs Kurvet under CC-BY-4.0
Oculus Rift. Image by ATs Kurvet under CC-BY-4.0

HTC Vive Glasses – Built by the smartphone company HTC and the video game service Valve, the Vive is one of the leading virtual reality services for gaming. With the popularity of the video gaming higher than ever before, virtual reality is making the biggest leaps and gains in this arena.

htc vive
HTV Vive. Image by Maurizio Pesce under CC-BY-2.0

Google Cardboard – Easily one of the most innovative virtual reality products today, the Google cardboard puts the power of virtual reality in your smart phone. Cheap affordable technology that puts your cell phone at the center of your virtual experience, Google makes it simple to explore and travel to any destination. Internet commerce and real estate transactions will never be the same again. Shop stores, browse malls and walk through homes without ever leaving your home.

Google Cardboard
Google Cardboard


Law of Accelerating Returns and The Future of Technology

Law of Accelerating Returns and The Future of Technology

No matter how old you are, it is easy to look back at how fast technology has come since your younger days to right now. If you are in your twenties, you may have just missed the ‘brick’ mobile phones and early computers but can surely remember not being able to use the phone and the internet on the computer at the same time. In contrast, if you are slightly older, if you were to be told that you could use a mobile phone to watch TV, listen to music and take photographs in just a few years’ time, you would have laughed and got on with your day. It is simply astonishing that in just fifteen years or so, we have gone from CD players that would stop playing when knocked, to min-disc players, to iPods and now to having everything we could possibly want and need in smart phones. It is these processes that make up the basic premise of the Law of Accelerating Returns (LOAR).

law of accelerating returns technological singularity

Law of accelerating Returns is a theory by well-known computer scientist and inventor Ray Kurzweil and was first spoken of just before the turn of the millennium. The theory discusses the exponential growth in technology in recent years and how that growth is getting faster and faster meaning that new devices are becoming outdated quicker than ever before. Growth can help further growth; for example, we are constantly finding more cost-effective ways of producing devices so opening many doors for growth and therefore creating more avenues to go down. This is a process that also applies to other areas of life as we are building new, more efficient tools which build things faster which will in turn, lead us to building more things in a never ending cycle. Similarly, the invention of language allows us to invent more things, which then allows us to invent even more things. However, the Law of accelerating Returns also discusses the biggest worry with this process; singularity.

Singularity is a theory that was first used in the late 1950s and means that technologies such as robots will be able to improve and become more efficient themselves meaning that humans are no longer in control of these processes. If technologies have an ability to ‘redesign’ themselves and become more efficient without the involvement of humans, it could lead to a situation where superintelligence becomes somewhat dangerously unpredictable as well as unfathomable. Ray Kurzweil has made the prediction that the singularity may occur before 2050 and says that it is important that humans stay in control of the exponential growth otherwise we face a situation where machine intelligence will pass that of a human. He has also made other wild predictions. For simplicity, we compiled all of his upcoming predictions into a stunning infographic.

ray kurzweil predictions future timeline

While some of Kurzweil’s predictions may seem like science fiction, they are quite plausible and not impossible given the fact that technology grows exponentially rather than linearly. Kurzweil has made many predictions that came true. Among his predictions, he accurately predicted E-books, face recognition, speech recognition, portable computers, decoding the human genome, smartphones, practical mainstream wireless internet, and a computer beating the best human chess players.  He made 147 predictions for 2009, 127 of which came true. He is not the only one who has made wild predictions about the future. Many other futurists including computer scientist Vernor Vinge, and physicist Michio Kaku, agree with him. The LOAR is also helped by positive feedback loops which essentially mean that ‘A’ leads to more of ‘B’ which then leads to more of ‘A’ etc. Perhaps the simplest example of this is a field of cattle; the number of cattle running increases the panic within the group which then leads to more cattle running and this process goes on and on.

With technology advancing beyond belief in the last twenty years alone, it really does raise the question of how far they can go. It is believed that devices will be able to read our thoughts within the next ten years so will we really be able to remain in control of the technological growth in years to come?

Amazon Prime Air: Delivery Service of The Future

Amazon Prime Air

Amazon Prime Air is Amazon’s new delivery system with drones that assures the customer the shipping and delivering of small goods in about half an hour. The prototype of drone is already operational and it is a hybrid vehicle between an airplane and a helicopter. It hasn’t been an easy task: there have been more than 12 prototypes of drones being tested.

amazon prime air

We have known about this for two years, and now Amazon releases new information about this imminent new option in their sales. The main feature is that they are autonomous vehicles with many different sensors in order to prevent accidents and choose the place of landing. In a demonstrative video released by Amazon, we can see how the customer marks in her garden the delivery point (with a huge Amazon sticker) and the landing proceeds with no problems. It seems pretty clear that the distribution with drones can’t be done in very dense urban areas.

A brief two minute video showing how Amazon Prime Air works:

What it could mean for Amazon customers

As all new technologies, Amazon Prime Air presents many advantages for customers all around the world.

  • Its design allows the drone to fly long distances at a very low cost
  • It can also descend and ascend again with great confidence and agility
  • It can deliver packages of less than 3 kilos in half an hour
  • It will save you from troubles for forgetting a birthday and will help you to solve last minute problems
  • The security system of the drones will have a set of sensors in order to avoid obstacles and move up to 16 kilometers (around 10 miles) from the base without problems.
  • It is, in fact, the result of many studies and will make you feel you are already living in the future!

Why Amazon Primeair might not be ready for prime time

Amazon Prime Air is the result of technology evolution, and we cannot avoid or forbid it. As it happens with all new technologies and advanced in this field, there are many concerns regarding this new delivery system.

For example, what about the security? The developers are taking care of it, or at least that is what they say. But, imagine for instance that our expected drone is hacked by some program (it is not impossible to imagine, right?) and they deliver the goods to another house. Or that they are caught in the middle of their flight because someone wants the product in it. Or that someone follows the drone and takes the product before the owner does.

Also we have to take into account the legality in this matter, as there are several rules and regulations about flying vehicles and drones by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) in US and by other administrations in several countries. There can be a risk of breaking the privacy and intimacy of people, and some drones can even be dangerous.

Nevertheless, once these problems have been solved, the Amazon Prime Air drones will be as natural as the delivery cars, trucks and motorbikes that we see nowadays in our streets. The future is now!

Hyperloop Transportation System Could Soon Be A Reality

Hyperloop Transportation System Could Soon Be A Reality

              Human kind has always searched for an appropriate way of travelling, which would shorten the time spent during the journey and be low cost, so that most of the population could afford it. So far, air transportation proved to be the most efficient, unlike previous travelling options like trains, ships and cars. As technology keeps to push forward, new ways of transportation seem to be knocking on the door of our future. Such knocks aresurely represented with the new transportation design given in the form of Hyperloop. So, what is the Hyperloop transportation system and how can such a system affect our future transportation?

Well, the Hyperloop transportation system is completely a new model of the transportation which eliminates all the objections and travel complications, due to the travel time, weather conditions and cost. It surely sounds perfect as the Hyperloop actually travels at the speed of sound, making it the fastest way of transportation in the future, even better than the conventional travelling methods of present. The Hyperloop is self-sufficient, in the terms of energy production, as it entirely depends on the solar panels placed all along the track, producing the excess amount of energy needed for the system. The capsule in which Hyperloops travels inside is climate controlled and it is earthquake safe and weather independent, thanks to the pylon use.

Hyperloop Transportation System elon musk

If, for example, a plane travels at the speed of 500 MPH, the Hyperloop system travels at the speed of 760 MPH, which is faster by the whole 50 percent than the fastest travelling system currently available. Do you know that it’s would be possible to come to New York from Washington D.C. in just 30 minutes?! Well, with Hyperloop, such efficiency would be possible, upgrading the whole transportation system to a much higher level and changing the way how we travel. What’s the most important for those who travel is that it would be more affordable, with cheaper ticket prices available. That would allow people to live in one city and work in another one, allowing the economic development of nations and ultimate pleasure for travelling.

The current progress of Hyperloop is still in its design form, perfecting the proposed solutions and giving the new ones, in order to make the future close for us. We can surely expect the first travel with Hyperloop in our near future, as the plans have been revealed for a test track in Texas, where this futuristic type of transport would shoot itself to the stars. Hopefully, such plans and efforts will bring us a new era of communication and travelling pretty much soon.


The Hyperloop transport is going to change the way we look at travel. With Hyperloop, we will avoid all the complications related to the modern transportation system, therefore opening new opportunities for us. The economy will surely flourish and the whole concept of living in another city would be meaningless as we would travel from one far place to another in matter of hours, even minutes. Ours is to accept the future as it comes and to promote new ways of living, only possible with the advancement of travelling, enhanced by Hyperloop.

Super intelligence: The Emerging Artificial Intelligence Revolution

Super intelligence: The Emerging Artificial Intelligence Revolution

Super Intelligence is still a hypothetical idea and that can be described as both human and artificial intelligence which surpasses the most gifted mind ever existed in this world. This term is better defined by the Oxford futurist Nick Bostrom, who believes that superintelligence is an intellect that outsmarts the best human brains in every aspect. He further explains that, super intelligence is when a person or machine performs exceptionally in the field of science, creativity, social and general wisdom.

According to Bostrom, superintelligence can be treated as goal oriented behavior, which can be possessed by human, both intentionally and consciously. He stresses that humans can achieve superintelligence, if they modify themselves biologically to achieve greater intelligence. There has been a number of future studies made on the mental abilities of human and how superintelligence can be achieved. The studies argue that if, human find a way to atune their mind to computers, they will be able to amplify their intelligence.

super intelligence

Bostrom has researched and his findings state that humans can also achieve super intelligence through genetic engineering and selective breeding. The genetic component of intelligence can be achieved by pre implantation and selecting embryos to increase the IQ level up to 24.3 points. This process if repeated over many generations and when same genetic engineering is applied, it can increase the magnitude of IQ with each birth. Bostrom is of the view that when deriving new gametes repeatedly from the stems of the embryo, can create a society of high intelligent humans. There are other ways for humans to achieve super intelligence that is by using brain-computer interface, somatic gene therapy and nootropics.

On the other hand, scientist and experts generally believe that advances made in artificial intelligence, will beat the shortcomings of human cognitive abilities. The machines developed in line to artificial intelligence will surpass the human abilities by performing multi tasking, capacity to recall minute details and having super knowledge database. Thus, this will give them power over humans.

Though superintelligence is valued, but once achieved, it can greatly change the outlook of a  world in unimaginable ways. There are threats recognized by the UN in their recent meetings where the experts argued that although human and artificial intelligence has potential to transform the society we will live in positive ways, but it can get out of control. The intelligence which can increase the human and computer capacity to work and outperform, can turn against us. Imagine a world where people can outsmart financial markets, surpass current researches and reinvent them, manipulate the human leaders and develop deadly weapons which can destroy the whole humanity.

Thus, there is no doubt that superintelligent system can become very powerful and without better control mechanisms, it can take control over the world and its operation negatively. Also superintelligence poses threat to humanity and can cause permanent extinction of natural Earth-originating intelligence. The desire for future development and the temptation of increasing the intelligence of human mind and finding ways to surpass their current ability is great. But we need to understand the potential risk and evaluate the extent of benefits we can derive by genetically engineering the human minds.