How Bitcoin Trends Affect You

How Bitcoin Trends Affect You

First created in 2008 as the world’s first peer-to-peer electronic payment system, Bitcoin has evolved into a rapidly growing phenomenon. If you haven’t discovered how powerful and easy it is to use and accept Bitcoin as an international currency, what are you waiting for? In fact many of the world’s leading economic investors now closely follow Bitcoin trends to plan ahead for the future.

In case you don’t know what Bitcoin is, it’s the use of digital money that powerful and easy to use. Although there are many online payment system, Bitcoin is unique in that they are not regulated by the government. Compared to other alternatives, Bitcoin can be transferred from one person to another without the involvement of a third party.




In order to properly use Bitcoin however, it’s a good idea to understand the fundamental benefits. If you aren’t sure which Bitcoin trends best serve you, here’s a rundown of them below.

Which Bitcoin Trends Benefit You?

Enterprise – As the world’s first autonomous online payment currency, Bitcoin opens up possibilities for users from the get go. Because you are paying in a peer-to-peer network, there are no limitations on what you can or cannot buy. Bitcoin is highhandedly changing the way that commerce is conducted online.

If there’s one Bitcoin trend that represents this interesting currency, it’s the ability to use it wherever you want, however you want to. You can use Bitcoin in every country in the world, and what’s more your funds cannot be frozen. There are no limits in regards to deposit prerequisites or minimum limits, which makes it one of the easiest forms of currency to use.

When everyone in the world has access to the same global market, great ideas and commerce can flourish.

Secure – Bitcoins are generated through a program called a Bitcoin miner. Each unit of Bitcoin currency is secured through an electronic signature, making your transaction secure regardless of who you are dealing with. In addition to being a 100% secure form of payment, Bitcoin is also an anonymous way to buy and sell things.

bitcoin trend

Privacy – Because all Bitcoin transactions are handled without the intervention of a third party, your transactions are private. Isolated from the government and other banking institutions, one of the best Bitcoin trends is based on total privacy.

bitcoin trends

Transparency – One of the original Bitcoin trends, mining software is open source and therefore 100% transparent. Because anyone can review the code in question, there’s little doubt to the level of trust involved in acquiring Bitcoins

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Lower costs – Because Bitcoin doesn’t run through a clearinghouse or banking institution, there’s less fees involved. What’s more as the world’s first decentralized digital currency, Bitcoin allows you to pay and sell things while cutting out the middle man.

Although there are still some experts that disagree on what the ultimate impact of Bitcoin could be, there’s no doubting its power. Bitcoin trends show the innovative currency growing at a phenomenal rate. In fact there are many who believe that Bitcoin could become a global currency and change the way we conduct business in the very near future.

Medias Breaking News is Overhyped Due to Increasing Information Access

Medias Breaking News is Overhyped

Why the actual quantity of the medias breaking news and bad events in the world are exaggerated due to increasing access to information

In the world of media as of today, hundreds if not thousands of news channels are engaged in stiff competition. In that light, just to increase the rate of views and concomitantly, income, bad news tend to be hyperbolized – sensationalized just to make the sell. Journalism credibility takes a backseat as money overrides any sensible and truthful reporting.

Technology evolution in the telecommunication scene means news is delivered hot and fresh as events happen – TV, phones and of course the expanse of internet enables instant spread of news to wider audiences. As the direct result, bad news is given an impression that it is the worst that could happen. This irresponsible reporting and news dissemination trigger needless panic in the public, aggravating things. This results in difficulties to keep law and order intact and contain fear which is needless.


News and media nowadays has developed a penchant to exaggerate bad news due to social media sharing culture. If an example is to be taken to pinpoint how media likes to induce what can be compared to mass hysteria is a story of a horrific gang rape, for example the Delhi 2012 gang rape. The news was awash with an impression that Indian men are vicious rapists lying in wait to pounce on an unsuspecting victim. Media worldwide dubbed Delhi as the rape capital and created a whitewash that a good chunk of Delhi women are rape victims. Despite Indian men, the men of Delhi, clamoring along with the women of Delhi to voice out against rape and victim blaming, the media largely did not acknowledge that fact in their quest of reporting news that is controversial and contrived, a news that doesn’t represent reality.


Credible reporting and as-it-is saying journalism is what is hard to find these days; this is given for the craze for controversies among the masses themselves and telecommunication inroads. People don’t really stop and weigh the credibility of news – they just share and make it viral. So, it is the responsibility of media houses to not add salt and spice to a bad happening and just publish raw news that is correctly informational, without misusing the age of free flowing information.

Why Life Gets Better with More Individual Liberties and Rights

Why We Should Not take Civil and Individual Liberties for Granted

Many of the individual liberties within the governing bodies that people enjoy today are taken for granted for those who never lived without them. The truth is, the rights to things like a fair trial, to vote, against discrimination and so much more were not given to this nation’s ancestors, but were fought for by them.

individual liberties courtroom

Due process of law may be written in our constitution, but it is not necessarily freely given in the United States. Whereas people have an opportunity to testify in court, very often people do not have the necessary legal representation to properly present themselves to the courts. Today, public lawyers are used more commonly, but those with more money still enjoy better lawyers. In any case, though, more people are represented in court by increased access to public legal representation.

In addition, an inarguable shift in the American political system has been a shift towards anti-discrimination and individual liberties. In the 1960s, the black community and their white allies rebelled against segregation. More and more civil rights were won, and more and more issues of communities of color were talked about. Today, a national conversation is underway about the discrimination of the criminal justice system. With these reforms on the table, it is hopeful that legislation will begin to alleviate the situation as it stands.

civil rights martin luther king

The United States has certainly not reached its full potential in terms of civil liberties and rights. Many issues in the political and economic world are intertwined, and many people can see the issue is pervasive throughout our culture. However, there is no doubt that people, acting in their own individual lives with the integrity in the belief of serving the larger community, can build solutions to the issues that we face. We have continued to march forward with civil liberties, winning rights for black americans, women, workers and more subgroups across the nation. We must remember what a blessing it is that we can enjoy those freedoms, and that we must continue fighting to preserve and expand them.

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Streaming Services are the New Threat for Cable Companies

Streaming Services are the New Threat for Cable Companies

The fight between the streaming services like Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV with the cable companies seems about to end anytime soon. The rising fame and the accelerated propagation of the streaming services have given a headache to cable companies, actually.

The FCC (Federal Communication Commission) unveiled a proposal that was approved to end up this conflict and make a win-win scenario between cable companies and streaming services.

Getting rid of cords is something common these days. It is way more convenient and easy to have a streaming box like Apple TV of Fire TV working with WiFi. That’s happening in almost every home with the fame and good quality of the streaming boxes, plus the comfortableness of searching for any series or movies out there.

streaming services

apple tv 2nd generation

The Proposal and Conditions around the Corner

The proposal was open to public comment and had a valid period of 60 days. So, basically, we are being listened to decide the result of this dispute. Depending on the totality of the comments and opinions, it will be decided whether the cable box is liberated or not.

In spite of this dispute, the results are directly translated into a freest customer’s choice and needs. Not depending solely in the cable box or any Apple TV or Fire TV, just to mention a few. Instead of renting a box from companies like Time Warner or ATT Uverse, rather you can use the existing subscription of those boxes onto any existing streaming service box, Apple TV or Fire TV for example.

In addition, this rule is intended to decrease the massive rental fees, mainly due to the rent of both services by some users. Not only will this benefit customers from the movement, also, this pretends to help cable companies to not lose their battle against innovative and revolutionary streaming services.

Cable Companies are Smart

Cable companies have opened their eyes and realized (almost on the deadline) that consumers are tired and really upset with the customer service received. Even some of them are now focusing all their efforts into the fix of that problem, shortening the waiting time in customer service’s calls.

With the hype of smartphones and tablets and the possibility of watch anything online, anywhere and anytime, cable companies stay into the oblivion and get overcome in terms of content’s quality. Today’s trends are a sign that people are most likely to watch and enjoy different content, not a fixed genre. Even boxes like Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV are creating its own content to supply the new customers’ needs. Something to increase the worry of cables companies.

At least strategically, cables companies could reach an agreement to not plummet their incomes. HBO, probably the most famous service of the world, made a step forward time ago, already allowing you to watch their content without separating cable subscription for a fee.

This is not a victory for cable companies; the announcement is just a proposal. After the gathering of opinions and comments, a final vote will take place. So this rule is just in baby steps and it’s the first step to getting into the right direction the cable companies.

Cable companies have left the stubbornness aside, instead of fighting against the stronger rivals right now. They are trying to join the boat of that lethal force. It’s more than their ego at stake. Their wellness and presence in the market are in a delicate situation.

Source: Nerdist