Meet Hue – Philips Smart Wireless LED light bulbs

Meet Hue – Philips Smart Wireless LED Light Bulbs

Imagine a lighting system that is as much a piece of art for your home as your favorite painting or photo hanging in your living room. Imagine turning your home into any environment just by speaking to Siri on your iPhone. Imagine turning your party into a nightclub event while never leaving your home. Now imagine this system is affordable and easy to install. You have imagined the Philips 426353 Meet Hue White and Color, Starter Kit, 1st Generation. This is the new wave in lighting and retails for less than $200. Here is all you need to know.

Meet Hue - Philips Smart Wireless LED light bulbs
Meet hue – Philips smart LED light bulbs starter kit

The product appears to be basic light bulbs, however, they are far beyond basic in their functionality and creativity. The hitch is they connect through a bridge plugged into your home Wi-Fi router, turning your everyday lamps into a piece of smart technology.  The Meet Hue starter kit comes with three bulbs and one hue bridge, which can control up to 50 bulbs.  Once you have the bridge you simply download the app and you can control the ambiance in your home, office, or business  quickly and easily.

Philips Hue Bridge
Philips Hue Bridge

Some of the color features included are incredible and its own piece of art. For instance, maybe you wish to create a movie theater atmosphere while watching the newest action flick on your digital download. Now you can. Simply utilize your app and set the hues to match the mood of the movie or even the game you are playing. Another option is to sync your lights to the music to create an in-home light show at your next party. Or, if you aren’t sure how certain wall colors would look in your home, allow your lights to create a hue against your wall and test out the colors before you ever step into a paint store.


Other benefits of this amazing system can increase safety and even health. For instance, you can set your lights to turn on and off through automated timing features. As opposed to all of the lights coming on or turning off at once, you can set each room to a different time to create more of a perception of being home even when you are far away. In addition, you can change the controls or set new controls remotely from anywhere by logging into your specific system, so you never have to worry about leaving lights on or off at the wrong times or for too long.

Regarding health, lighting can be crucial for optimal health, and the right light at the right time can make your emotional and physical heath feel like 100%. This product allows  you to find your hue and help you maintain your health. IN addition, it can help with the bedtime routine by systematically dimming the lights at just the right moment, and help you wake easier by systematically brightening the lights in your home as you need to be waking up and starting your day.

With the advent of smart phones, smart TV’s, smart cars, and an overall technological revolution, it only seems appropriate that your lighting be smart as well.  The Philips 426353 Meet Hue White and Color, Starter Kit, 1st Generation can be your first step to making your lighting smart enough to help keep your life lit without making you run on all cylinders.