Polymagnets – 3D Printable Magnets

Polymagnets – 3D Printable Magnets

3D printing technology is all the rage these days; everyone is talking about it in tech circles, and the possibilities of what can be done with it are almost limitless. Generally, what makes headlines across social media platforms are the big, flashy possibilities – things like being able to print out large, complex objects such as cars, or even bigger applications, such as entire houses or buildings.

However, 3D printing offers a number of possibilities for the creation of smaller, less conspicuous objects too – although the fact that they are smaller and perhaps less spectacular than houses or cars has no bearing on how fascinating and, of course, useful and broad-ranging the applications for these objects could be. Specifically, in this article, we’re talking about magnets. Yes, that’s right: 3D printed magnets.

First, a bit of basic information about standard magnets. Generally, a magnet will have a north field and a south field, each on opposite ends of the magnet. Like fields repel one another, while opposite fields attract one another. This has been how magnets have been produced for a long time, but now, with the advent of 3D printing technology, polymagnets that have multiple north and south fields on the same side can be created.

What creating magnets with north and south poles on the same face does is to strengthen the closed circuits – the circuits that normally run in a circular pattern on standard magnets from their north and south poles – in a much more compact fashion, generating more intense power closer to the surface of the magnet while also reducing the field of interference. This means that in terms of practical applications, magnets can be tailor-made with just the right amount of force at the surface level to grip the object they’re designed to be attached to with minimal loss of force and maximum strength, all without creating a sizable field of possible interference.

Furthermore, these magnets can be manipulated in the manufacturing process to give them a number of interesting and unusual characteristics. For example, pairs of magnets can be produced that have simultaneous forces of attraction and repulsion on the same axis. This is great for a device that needs both a “springing” and “locking” function.

polymagnets magic programmable magnets
Standard magnets compared to Polymagnets

Basically, this technology is brand new – so new in fact, that all the possible applications of it have not yet even been imagined, and it certainly is potentially revolutionary in terms of how wide-ranging future applications could be. Keep your eyes open for the many amazing advances this technology will no doubt produce.

Fove Vr Oculus Rift and HTC Vive Glasses – Next Step in Virtual Reality

Fove Vr Oculus Rift and HTC Vive Glasses – Next Step in Virtual Reality

With the release of Fove VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive VR glasses, true immersive virtual reality is on the horizon and it’s going to change the way that we live our day to day lives. It’s fair to say that this technology will have one of the single biggest impacts to our lifestyle. While the Internet enables you to learn and connects all of us in ways that we are just now developing, virtual reality headsets will broaden your horizons beyond your wildest dreams.

fove vr virtual reality

You’ll be able to put yourself in any kind of reality, and change the way that you watch movies forever. The world of the two dimensional movie may soon be coming to a close. The level of immersion for movie genres like action or horror are just a small example of how virtual reality can redefine entertainment.

Experiences that seem impossible today can be made a reality through virtual reality technology. Orbit a space station, travel deep into the sea or to another planet. The things that may not have ever seemed possible today can be just one step away using virtual reality.

One of the greatest ways in which VR technology can help improve our quality of life is through advanced simulations meant to educate. Learning and training will take on a new meaning as doctors and surgeons can train in a virtual environment. Students can learn about far away lands and historic events like never before. Dangerous jobs like firemen or military combatants can gain an additional edge that might otherwise endanger people.

It’s a technology that’s been at the center of countless science fiction movies, and it’s closer than you realize. Not only is virtual reality closer than you may realize but it will touch every aspect of your personal life. If you are wondering what the latest and greatest in virtual reality gadgets are, here’s a quick look below;

Oculus Rift – These virtual reality goggles are highly advanced and unlike anything else you’ve ever tried. Using immersive technology to drop in into the action, the Rift lets you go almost anywhere and do anything in the comfort of your home. Travel anywhere on a whim and enjoy the latest in entertainment media, like movies or video games like you’ve never done so before.

Brain in a vat. Image by ATs Kurvet under CC-BY-4.0
Oculus Rift. Image by ATs Kurvet under CC-BY-4.0

HTC Vive Glasses – Built by the smartphone company HTC and the video game service Valve, the Vive is one of the leading virtual reality services for gaming. With the popularity of the video gaming higher than ever before, virtual reality is making the biggest leaps and gains in this arena.

htc vive
HTV Vive. Image by Maurizio Pesce under CC-BY-2.0

Google Cardboard – Easily one of the most innovative virtual reality products today, the Google cardboard puts the power of virtual reality in your smart phone. Cheap affordable technology that puts your cell phone at the center of your virtual experience, Google makes it simple to explore and travel to any destination. Internet commerce and real estate transactions will never be the same again. Shop stores, browse malls and walk through homes without ever leaving your home.

Google Cardboard
Google Cardboard


Why Additive manufacturing and 3D Printing Will Change The World

Additive manufacturing and 3D Printing

Additive manufacturing(3D printing) is a new tech that has managed to revolutionize our life beyond belief. Not only are we able to create products out of simple materials, we also get the opportunity to get our creativity loose.

Additive manufacturing 3d printing


Why 3d printing will change the world

Cheaper products

Thanks to additive manufacturing you get the ability to acquire products cheaper because you can literally create them on your own without having to visit a store to get them. It also saves time too, which is amazing in its own right.

Shorter creation process

You just need to have a product idea and design, then you just create it with a 3D printer. The process is a lot easier and refined with the outcome being extrodinary at the end of the day.

Risk mitigation

With help from 3D printing you get to see if there are any design errors or any problems that might appear with smaller portions of a product before you create the whole item. It’s a lot easier, more refined and it does help you avoid any mistakes at all times.

Clearer communication

A 3D printer allows you to create smaller molds of the same item and the results are more than impressive this way. All you need to have is a concept and the printer will bring it to life in an extraordinary and fast way.

You can also get feedback faster

3D printing enables you to create the product fast and this way you can also get feedback from your users a lot faster. It helps boost the productivity of your business and in the end it can bring in some incredible results, which is amazing in its own right.

You can create large products

3D printing makes it easy for you to create large products and it has even been used to create houses as well as cars. This tech will make it easier to create pretty much anything you want in the future.

Ease of use

Users at home will have the ability to purchase blueprints for clothes and products online then they will be able to create these products with their printer, a great way to live in the future!


A 3D printer enables you to create the product on your own, and this means you can easily customize it by adding in your own name, emblem and a variety of stuff.

Medical benefits

3D printing is not all about ordinary products, you can now find entire organs being recreated by 3D printing and some foods like pizza are also 3D printed, so there are quite a lot of benefits to be had here.

3D printing is an amazing piece of technology that is set to revolutionize the future. With its help we will be able to create products easier and cheaper, something that is very important for the evolution of our society. Don’t hesitate and engage yourself in the future of 3D printing right now, you are bound to enjoy the ride and the results will be more than impressive!


Medias Breaking News is Overhyped Due to Increasing Information Access

Medias Breaking News is Overhyped

Why the actual quantity of the medias breaking news and bad events in the world are exaggerated due to increasing access to information

In the world of media as of today, hundreds if not thousands of news channels are engaged in stiff competition. In that light, just to increase the rate of views and concomitantly, income, bad news tend to be hyperbolized – sensationalized just to make the sell. Journalism credibility takes a backseat as money overrides any sensible and truthful reporting.

Technology evolution in the telecommunication scene means news is delivered hot and fresh as events happen – TV, phones and of course the expanse of internet enables instant spread of news to wider audiences. As the direct result, bad news is given an impression that it is the worst that could happen. This irresponsible reporting and news dissemination trigger needless panic in the public, aggravating things. This results in difficulties to keep law and order intact and contain fear which is needless.


News and media nowadays has developed a penchant to exaggerate bad news due to social media sharing culture. If an example is to be taken to pinpoint how media likes to induce what can be compared to mass hysteria is a story of a horrific gang rape, for example the Delhi 2012 gang rape. The news was awash with an impression that Indian men are vicious rapists lying in wait to pounce on an unsuspecting victim. Media worldwide dubbed Delhi as the rape capital and created a whitewash that a good chunk of Delhi women are rape victims. Despite Indian men, the men of Delhi, clamoring along with the women of Delhi to voice out against rape and victim blaming, the media largely did not acknowledge that fact in their quest of reporting news that is controversial and contrived, a news that doesn’t represent reality.


Credible reporting and as-it-is saying journalism is what is hard to find these days; this is given for the craze for controversies among the masses themselves and telecommunication inroads. People don’t really stop and weigh the credibility of news – they just share and make it viral. So, it is the responsibility of media houses to not add salt and spice to a bad happening and just publish raw news that is correctly informational, without misusing the age of free flowing information.

Why aging is bad and what are the benefits of reversing aging?

Why aging is bad and what are the benefits of reversing aging?

No one wants to get old, but this is currently one of the few things in the world that we can’t change. Sometime during this century radically reversing aging may be a possibility but until then we can try our best to keep ourselves young as much as possible, as we know how many problems come with aging.

aging hand

To begin with, aging means health problems. Even if you were healthy during the young years, now it seems you are no longer able to fight against diseases. Your body feels weak, and even if your mind is always ready for a new challenge, you have to take your time and gather all your strength to do something normal, like riding a bike. Of course, your finances are also affected by this; you have to spend money on doctors, on medicine, you can’t do certain chores for yourself and you feel completely unhappy with your age.

Aging and death cause dreadful diseases like cancer and dementia.

But what about reversing old age? What are the benefits?

Well, everything in your life will improve. If you reverse your old age, you will be able to enjoy every moment of your life without having to worry that you are too old for this. Is there something you always wanted to do, but you never got the chance to do it? If you reverse you age you get a second chance to everything.

Apart from this, since you don’t have to worry so much about your health you will be able to dedicate your free time to others. Reversing aging also increases your life expectancy so you will have more time to devote to others and lower priority tasks. No longer will your entire life consist of making a living. You can spend your extended youthful life on less important activities like spending time with your family.  You can become a volunteer for a cause you always believed in, or you can spend your time encouraging people who feel depressed because of their age.

Reversing aging can mean more youthful years with loved ones
Reversing aging can mean more youthful years with loved ones

Reversing old age has so many amazing benefits, but probably the most important one is that you will have control over your life again. You don’t have to worry that you forgot to take your pills before going out, and you don’t need a family member to come with you to the store. You can do what you want, when you want without any outside help.

Since you don’t have to worry about medical bills anymore, why not plan a wonderful trip to celebrate your exciting new life? You can discover not only new places, but also new skills that you never thought you have.

Your life is too short to spend it worrying about the next day; do whatever you have to do to keep yourself happy and healthy, and you will finish every day with a smile on your face.

Why the world is safer due to technology and Telecommunication Systems

How Technology and Telecommunication Systems Make the World Safer

We talk a lot about the bad things that have come out of the internet and our technological age, forgetting how much technology and telecommunication systems are helping us to make the world a better, safer place to live in.

Technology has transformed the physical work force by making it less dangerous. Today we have rescue robots in the fire stations and the police force and the duty of these machines is to relieve human beings from working in risky situations. They are used for hazardous fire rescues and even checking crime scenes before the police can take over to collect evidence. Isn’t this a smart way to preserve human lives?

firefighter suits
Firefighters need essential technology like suits and oxygen tanks.

Another advantage of technology in the police force is that different departments in different states can share information much more easily and faster which may result in cold cases being finally closed and murders, burglars and even being caught in action. While it may not seem like it, crime rates have dropped to the lowest level since 1978

It may seem odd to have CCTV cameras everywhere but at least it makes people think twice before they can jump the wall or break a window to gain illegal access into a building. In today’s world most customers and staff members in a store feel much more comfortable knowing that there is some sort of security in the store; therefore for the sake of keeping a good business store managers can make use of smaller, less noticeable and much clearer cameras. These help to restore control in your investments.

The presence of cameras is effective in reducing crime. The key is know how they are used, how many cameras are employed, where they’re set up and most importantly how well they’re monitored. In this way, we can be able to live our lives in full view with the potential of controlling our safety and protecting our assets.

Telecommunication Systems Security camera

Technology has introduced a totally new dimension of communications; it has the ultimate tools of communication and they can be used to help people who are in trouble in so many ways. For instance, whenever there is some kind of disaster taking place technology and telecommunication systems can be used to get the word out globally. People can set up instant alerts to get warnings about the weather, natural disasters and even something as simple as traffic.

news worldwide

Technology can also help victims of abuse to report their conditions to the authorities and also allow them to include reports of incidents, moreover they can find other platforms they can contact for help, be it Child Protective Services, Alcoholic Anonymous and even the Substance Abuse Helpline.

According to research, a great example of how technology makes the world safer is Singapore’s low crime rates. Singapore is one of the countries who have low crime rates in the world, but this has not stopped government there to push for further innovations in security. They are always looking to test out a range of advanced technologies in the hope of improving public safety.

Being techno-savvy is nearly an unstoppable way for people who are facing certain predicaments to reach out to the world and seek aid. Technology has made crime more trouble than it is worth and this causes criminals to lose interest. And lastly Technology makes it easier to spread panic.


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Embryonic Stem Cell Research Pros and Cons

Embryonic Stem Cell Research Pros and Cons

Embryonic stem cell research is field of research that continues to be plagued by controversy and colored by strong opinions from both sides of the debate – a debate that, unfortunately, is fueled on one side by objective scientific rationality, and on the other by largely culturally and religiously-motivated ignorance, and an unwillingness to accept scientific and empirical evidence. And this in itself is a great shame, because of the enormous potential which embryonic stem cell research pros offers to cure so many ailments which currently plague the human race.

Embryonic Stem Cell Research Pros

One of the main objections coming from those who are opposed to embryonic stem cell research on ethical grounds is that, in their eyes, the process of both harvesting embryos and extracting stem cells from them is akin to murder or torture. Their justification for this lies in the fact they they view the embryo as being a sentient being, a being which possesses self-awareness and the capacity to think, suffer and feel pain. This, of course, is patently false; the neural structures and pathways that are necessary for pain and suffering to be experienced do not develop in the fetus until around 24 weeks from conception. We cannot think of embryos as being sentient; at early stages of development they simply do not yet have the capacity for sentience.

embryo stem cell

Furthermore, as much as objectors to embryonic stem cell research wish to bring up debates about fetuses feeling pain, what is not up for debate is that people, whether children, adults or old people do feel pain. Immense, terrible pain that can continue for weeks, months or years in the case of chronic illnesses or terminal illnesses like cancer – conditions and illnesses for which we currently have no cure, but which embryonic stem cell research very well could potentially cure. Surely our support should go to those who we know are currently suffering, should it not?

Finally, the benefits offered by embryonic stem cell research are not merely benefits that will be restricted to one individual, or groups of individuals – no, these benefits, if we’re talking about things like curing cancer and permanently healing chronic illnesses and conditions, will certain create a new era of suffering-free health for all of humanity. The benefits for the masses certainly do outweigh any unfounded controversy inherent in harvesting stem cells from fetuses. We need to consider the long-term and far-reaching possibilities that embryonic stem cell research offers, and really give the concept a thorough and honest analysis, rather than seeing it through the tinted lenses of our own limited and often ignorant cultural or religious prejudices.

Why Life Gets Better with More Individual Liberties and Rights

Why We Should Not take Civil and Individual Liberties for Granted

Many of the individual liberties within the governing bodies that people enjoy today are taken for granted for those who never lived without them. The truth is, the rights to things like a fair trial, to vote, against discrimination and so much more were not given to this nation’s ancestors, but were fought for by them.

individual liberties courtroom

Due process of law may be written in our constitution, but it is not necessarily freely given in the United States. Whereas people have an opportunity to testify in court, very often people do not have the necessary legal representation to properly present themselves to the courts. Today, public lawyers are used more commonly, but those with more money still enjoy better lawyers. In any case, though, more people are represented in court by increased access to public legal representation.

In addition, an inarguable shift in the American political system has been a shift towards anti-discrimination and individual liberties. In the 1960s, the black community and their white allies rebelled against segregation. More and more civil rights were won, and more and more issues of communities of color were talked about. Today, a national conversation is underway about the discrimination of the criminal justice system. With these reforms on the table, it is hopeful that legislation will begin to alleviate the situation as it stands.

civil rights martin luther king

The United States has certainly not reached its full potential in terms of civil liberties and rights. Many issues in the political and economic world are intertwined, and many people can see the issue is pervasive throughout our culture. However, there is no doubt that people, acting in their own individual lives with the integrity in the belief of serving the larger community, can build solutions to the issues that we face. We have continued to march forward with civil liberties, winning rights for black americans, women, workers and more subgroups across the nation. We must remember what a blessing it is that we can enjoy those freedoms, and that we must continue fighting to preserve and expand them.

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Human Embryonic Stem Cells Cure Woman’s Blindness

Human Embryonic Stem Cells Cure Woman’s Blindness

Can breakthroughs in stem cell research lead to cures for blindness in women and other people? Obviously, the answer to the question is still undergoing rigorous examinations at the moment; however, recent studies and trials have shown that human embryonic stem cells cure blindness in women.

Research into the possibility of restoring sight of blind people with stem cells have been going on for a while, and recent studies gave positive results as a stem cell transplant helped a blind woman regain eyesight.

stem cells

What causes blindness?

In order for you to understand how stem cells can cure blindness it is necessary to understand how blindness occurs in the first place. Apart from the blindness that occurs as a result of an accident, there are many disease conditions and genetic factors that can lead to blindness. Some of the conditions are prevalent among certain age groups. Stem cell treatments proved effective for blindness caused by defective eye cells. This blindness condition usually occurs as a result of cell death. When the light sensitive cells in the eye (retina) die, the affected individual suddenly loses sight.

How the stem cell treatment works

The Stem cell treatment involves the transplantation of cultured human embryonic stem cells into the affected individual. This method helps the individual regain sight by improving the sensitivity of the eyes to light. In blindness caused by a dead retina, the eyes lose their sensitivity to light. When mature stem cells are transplanted into the eye, they replace dead photoreceptors and enable the eyes to detect light. The new discovery is notable and could provide a lasting solution to blindness which was previously thought impossible to cure.

Who can benefit from the treatment?

Several experiments are still going on at the moment to confirm the general acceptability of stem cell transplants in treating blindness. There are different causes of blindness, and not all of them can be cured by stem cell transplantation. Stem cell treatment has been experimented on animals with muscular degeneration. Few human trials have also benefited from the treatment.

Although it may take a while before this type of treatment can be widely accepted, present studies have shown that stem cell transplants are the next level of treatment for blindness that is caused by retina death.

For the full story : BaltimoreSun

Programming for Kids – Why We Must Teach Kids How to Code

Programming for Kids – Should We Teach Kids How to Code?

kids coding
Teaching programming for kids in every school is considered vital as it prepares students for future jobs. Currently, there’s a shortage of individuals in the computer science industry. This trend is said to rise. But even students who aren’t planning on working in the tech industry will also benefit from learning computer science and how to code. The reason for this is that most industries now involve a particular component of programming.
Kids Learn Coding to Prepare Them for the Future


Today, most jobs and occupations require their applicants to be knowledgeable on how to code. When you teach your kids programming at an early age, you increase their chances of getting a lucrative job in the future. Kids that learn how to code and program at a young age have a competitive edge as most future jobs are computer-related. To help them gain a deeper understanding of the apps and devices they use each day, it’s necessary that more schools teach programming for kids. Given the rise in the use of computers, data and algorithms in many fields, the computational thinking skills are becoming essential as computers become ubiquitous.

A Basic Literacy


In this digital age, it is one thing to familiarize yourself on how to use the available technologies, but it is another thing to understand the logic behind the devices. Your kids will understand the digital word that they’re inhabiting. The kids of today must not only consume technology, but they must also understand and control it.

Programming is changing the world. Children who learn coding will also develop computational thinking skills. The skills that they can develop with computer programming will help them develop a new ways of solving problems that can have huge influences in other areas of their lives.



programming for kids creativity
Kids who learned how to code realized that they have a new avenue to express themselves. For them, coding is more rewarding than consuming technology.
Future Jobs


future job
With a solid base of coding knowledge kids can easily get a job as every company of today has an online presence. Companies often hire employees who understand how the web works. And this trend will continue in decades.

Having a programming skill set can help your kids in becoming an entrepreneur as well. If they hone their programming skills as they grow old, they can potentially make millions of dollars. Students who have gained programming skills at a very young age can achieve success early.

Beyond all those reasons for learning how to code, coding is fun for kids.