GyroGlove Could Help Parkinson’s Patients Get Tremor Relief


Parkinson’s patients can get a little relief from their tremors with the help of the GyroGlove, which uses gyroscopes to reduce involuntary hand movements.

Faii Ong is a 24-year-old medical student who lives in London, and he was asked to take care of a 103-year-old Parkinson’s patient.  Parkinson’s is an advanced neurological disease that, over times, affect a sufferer’s movements.  Ong watched his patient have problems eating a soup and asked another nurse if there was something they can do to help her.

The nurse said, no.

However, when Ong was 26, he started to look for answers that could counteract the symptoms using physics, not drugs. After looking at elastic bands, springs, weights, soft robotics and hydraulics, he came up with a rather simple solution from a childhood toy.

He said mechanical gyroscopes are similar to spinning tops, which always try to maintain the upright position by supporting the angular momentum.  Ong said the idea to use them to immediately fight the hand movement, decreasing the tremors.

Ong, along with other Imperial College students, worked at the university’s prototyping lab to run an array of tests.  The early device prototype known as GyroGlove, prove Ong’s instinct right. Patients who used it said it was like putting their hand in thick syrup – free but slowed movement. Ong believes the GyroGlove is the first of its kind. The team, in follow-up tests, noted the glove decreased tremors by nearly 90 percent.

It’s a simple design, using a small but adjustable gyroscope that’s fitted to the back of the hand and inside a plastic casing affixed to its material. When turned on, the device comes to life. Turntable and precession hinge adjust the orientation, and these are controlled by the circuit board, pushing against the movements the wearer makes.

Alison McGregor, a musculoskeletal biodynamics professor at Imperial College, said the device’s prototypes that needs adjustments to its noise and size. McGregor has been mentoring the team and said the device has some real promise and could end up impacting patients’ quality of life.

Bionic Lens Implant Improves Vision beyond 20/20

Bionic Lens Implant Improves Vision beyond 20/20

Bionic Lens Implant eye

A new technology has taken the stage in optometry: the Ocumetics Bionic Lens. It is said to provide patients with 3x 20/20 vision, regardless of age.

During an eight-minute in-office procedure, very similar to cataract surgery, a 2.7mm incision is made to remove the patient’s lens. The tiny, folded lens is inserted via a syringe filled with saline. The lens then unfolds and moves into place over the eye’s natural lens. Vision is instantly corrected.

It is made of inert biocompatible polymeric material and boasts camera-like optics capable of shifting focus from far distances to very close range quicker than the human brain can perceive.

The bionic lens implant is superior to Lasik and current laser vision procedures. Lasik only corrects to 20/20 vision. Patients with the bionic lens implant are no longer at risk of developing cataracts, as the implant replaces the natural lens in the eye. Additionally, patients will not experience problems with glare or the need for nighttime driving glasses commonly associated with laser vision surgery.

The intraocular lens technology could be available to patients as early as 2017, pending patents and additional clinical trials. It will only be available to those over the age of 25 when the eye structures are fully developed. The procedure is expected to cost around $3,200 per eye, according to Ocumetics, and will only be available at select medical facilities initially.

Ocumetics’ bionic lens implant is the result of investing eight years of research and $3 million in funding. Optometrist Dr. Garth Webb, CEO and founder of Ocumetics Technology Corp, has dedicated his life to eliminating his biggest pet peeve: his personal need for glasses and contacts.

“Perfect eyesight should be a human right,” Webb says.

Holding true to this belief, he established Celebration of Sight, a not-for-profit dedicated to providing life-changing eye surgery in developing countries. Recently a blind woman was blessed with vision after being implanted with a bionic eye.

Woman Sees First Time In Six Years Due To Bionic Eye

A 49-year-old mother of two who has lived with the inherited retinitis pigmentosa condition since she was five was recently outfitted with a “bionic eye”.

This bionic eye allowed Rhian Lewis to tell time for the first time in over six years.

Her sight is due to the ongoing trial happening at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford. Hospital surgeons implanted a small electronic chip behind Lewis’ right eye retina, allowing her the chance to see.

Retinitis pigmentosa will cause the light-detecting cells photoreceptors to gradually deteriorate.  And, over time, causes blindness. One in 3,400 people living in the UK suffer with the disease, which does not have a cure at this time.

Lewis is unable to see out of her right eye and practically can’t see in her left eye. Retina Implant AG, a German firm, implanted the bionic eye last June during a six-to-eight hour operation.

In follow-up tests, Lewis would look at a large cardboard clock to learn if she could actually see the time. It’s been more than 15 years that she could see the time in her right eye and six years with her left. Lewis was excited to realize it was three o’clock, saying it was just like Christmas Day.

The implant is a 3mm sq array of about 1,500 light sensors that sends nerve cells electrical signals. The implant communicates with a small computer that lies behind the ear and under the skin. A magnetic coil, which looks like a hearing aid, is put on the skin.

When the bionic eye is turned on, patients will get flashes of light. However, after several weeks, the brain will convert the flashes to objects and shapes – although they are still grainy, and black and white.

Lewis said researchers told her that she may not have any sensation, but when she did, she got teary-eyed and excited. Lewis said not being able to see makes one lose confidence in themselves – they can’t do the simple things like grocery shopping, clothes shopping, etc. – due to the loss in mobility.

She said it’s been about eight years since she knew what her children looked like. She said being able to see makes her excited.

Retinitis pigmetosa has been treated with the bionic eye since 2012. However, Lewis was the first person outside of Germany to be given the latest generation device.

Prof. Robert MacLaren, who led the Oxford research, said the bionic eye technology can be extremely beneficial. He said people like Lewis are doing is reactivating the brain that hasn’t worked right in the last 10 years. MacLaren said there’s an array of rehabilitation that needs to be done because these folks are trying to see once more.

Hyperloop Transportation System Could Soon Be A Reality

Hyperloop Transportation System Could Soon Be A Reality

              Human kind has always searched for an appropriate way of travelling, which would shorten the time spent during the journey and be low cost, so that most of the population could afford it. So far, air transportation proved to be the most efficient, unlike previous travelling options like trains, ships and cars. As technology keeps to push forward, new ways of transportation seem to be knocking on the door of our future. Such knocks aresurely represented with the new transportation design given in the form of Hyperloop. So, what is the Hyperloop transportation system and how can such a system affect our future transportation?

Well, the Hyperloop transportation system is completely a new model of the transportation which eliminates all the objections and travel complications, due to the travel time, weather conditions and cost. It surely sounds perfect as the Hyperloop actually travels at the speed of sound, making it the fastest way of transportation in the future, even better than the conventional travelling methods of present. The Hyperloop is self-sufficient, in the terms of energy production, as it entirely depends on the solar panels placed all along the track, producing the excess amount of energy needed for the system. The capsule in which Hyperloops travels inside is climate controlled and it is earthquake safe and weather independent, thanks to the pylon use.

Hyperloop Transportation System elon musk

If, for example, a plane travels at the speed of 500 MPH, the Hyperloop system travels at the speed of 760 MPH, which is faster by the whole 50 percent than the fastest travelling system currently available. Do you know that it’s would be possible to come to New York from Washington D.C. in just 30 minutes?! Well, with Hyperloop, such efficiency would be possible, upgrading the whole transportation system to a much higher level and changing the way how we travel. What’s the most important for those who travel is that it would be more affordable, with cheaper ticket prices available. That would allow people to live in one city and work in another one, allowing the economic development of nations and ultimate pleasure for travelling.

The current progress of Hyperloop is still in its design form, perfecting the proposed solutions and giving the new ones, in order to make the future close for us. We can surely expect the first travel with Hyperloop in our near future, as the plans have been revealed for a test track in Texas, where this futuristic type of transport would shoot itself to the stars. Hopefully, such plans and efforts will bring us a new era of communication and travelling pretty much soon.


The Hyperloop transport is going to change the way we look at travel. With Hyperloop, we will avoid all the complications related to the modern transportation system, therefore opening new opportunities for us. The economy will surely flourish and the whole concept of living in another city would be meaningless as we would travel from one far place to another in matter of hours, even minutes. Ours is to accept the future as it comes and to promote new ways of living, only possible with the advancement of travelling, enhanced by Hyperloop.

Super intelligence: The Emerging Artificial Intelligence Revolution

Super intelligence: The Emerging Artificial Intelligence Revolution

Super Intelligence is still a hypothetical idea and that can be described as both human and artificial intelligence which surpasses the most gifted mind ever existed in this world. This term is better defined by the Oxford futurist Nick Bostrom, who believes that superintelligence is an intellect that outsmarts the best human brains in every aspect. He further explains that, super intelligence is when a person or machine performs exceptionally in the field of science, creativity, social and general wisdom.

According to Bostrom, superintelligence can be treated as goal oriented behavior, which can be possessed by human, both intentionally and consciously. He stresses that humans can achieve superintelligence, if they modify themselves biologically to achieve greater intelligence. There has been a number of future studies made on the mental abilities of human and how superintelligence can be achieved. The studies argue that if, human find a way to atune their mind to computers, they will be able to amplify their intelligence.

super intelligence

Bostrom has researched and his findings state that humans can also achieve super intelligence through genetic engineering and selective breeding. The genetic component of intelligence can be achieved by pre implantation and selecting embryos to increase the IQ level up to 24.3 points. This process if repeated over many generations and when same genetic engineering is applied, it can increase the magnitude of IQ with each birth. Bostrom is of the view that when deriving new gametes repeatedly from the stems of the embryo, can create a society of high intelligent humans. There are other ways for humans to achieve super intelligence that is by using brain-computer interface, somatic gene therapy and nootropics.

On the other hand, scientist and experts generally believe that advances made in artificial intelligence, will beat the shortcomings of human cognitive abilities. The machines developed in line to artificial intelligence will surpass the human abilities by performing multi tasking, capacity to recall minute details and having super knowledge database. Thus, this will give them power over humans.

Though superintelligence is valued, but once achieved, it can greatly change the outlook of a  world in unimaginable ways. There are threats recognized by the UN in their recent meetings where the experts argued that although human and artificial intelligence has potential to transform the society we will live in positive ways, but it can get out of control. The intelligence which can increase the human and computer capacity to work and outperform, can turn against us. Imagine a world where people can outsmart financial markets, surpass current researches and reinvent them, manipulate the human leaders and develop deadly weapons which can destroy the whole humanity.

Thus, there is no doubt that superintelligent system can become very powerful and without better control mechanisms, it can take control over the world and its operation negatively. Also superintelligence poses threat to humanity and can cause permanent extinction of natural Earth-originating intelligence. The desire for future development and the temptation of increasing the intelligence of human mind and finding ways to surpass their current ability is great. But we need to understand the potential risk and evaluate the extent of benefits we can derive by genetically engineering the human minds.

Microsoft Hololens Hologram Maker: The Future of Computing is Here

Microsoft Hololens Hologram Maker: The Future of Computing is Here

hololens hologram maker

The future is officially here, folks!  If you haven’t yet heard of Microsoft Hololens, just wait.  This stunning new hologram maker is sure to take the world by storm within a matter of years, and with good reason.  This technology does the impossible: it frees you from the confines of your Smartphone or laptop and allows you to instead experience computing on an entirely new level.  Instead of apps and windows being stuck on a screen in your hand, they’ll be on the walls in your house, customized to your very own space.

microsoft hololens hologram maker

Yes, we’re talking holograms.  You know, the really cool Space Age technology you saw on classics like Star Wars and Star Trek?  These things are now a reality, and they may become mainstream before we know it.  This technology combines the digital world with the physical world, allowing you to transform your space with interactive technology seen through a device worn on your head.

What exactly can you do with Hololens?  The possibilities seem endless…

1)  Watch television on your wall, make it follow you around

You can pull up a screen on your wall to show you Netflix, Youtube or any other streaming app, and you can ask the screen to follow you around as you do chores throughout the house.


2)  Design

You’ll be able to mix real physical objects with objects of your imagination in order to facilitate new designs for old products or prototypes.

3) Gaming to a new level

You can play total virtual reality games that actually mix the landscape of your house with the landscape of the game.  Like Minecraft?  Minecraft could actually come to life all over your house as you continue to build on it.  Or, you can even play games that adapt to the objects and layout of your house, giving you a totally unique gaming experience everywhere you go.

4) Lets you enjoy all the perks of a laptop while being hands free

From Skype to weather widgets, you’ll be able to turn virtually any application of your PC into a hologram that brings the computing experience into the physical world.

5) And so, so much more

From education to entertainment, Hololens Hologram Maker is not only revolutionizing the way we use computers, but it’s also revolutionizing the way we live our lives.  The digital revolution has given us so many incredible tools to streamline certain aspects of our life, but it has also attached us to the screens in our pockets and laptop bags.  With Hololens, you are no longer tethered to these devices: you can experience everything inside those screens in the hands-free real world.  It is essentially a wearable hologram maker.

In just a few years, and almost certainly within a decade, the way we compute and experience the internet will be entirely transformed by technology like Hololens.  What a time to be alive.

The Internet of Things iot Explained

Internet of Things iot

The Internet of Things iot ExplainedDescribing Internet of Things IoT is complex, but here is the basic information about it for understanding the concept. Broadband Internet has become widely available and the cost if it is reduced, the companies manufacturing electronic devices are introducing innovative devices with wifi capabilities and sensors fitted into them in low price and all of these things are forming a perfect storm for the “Internet of Things”. Internet of things IoT is a huge network of things that are connected with each other or with the human beings with the help of internet. When the manufacturers begin making the things intelligent, then it is obvious that new services will be provided by them.

It is too early to say how big will be the Internet of Things but the expectations are high because the infrastructure needed, cloud computing is easily available and not much expensive. The companies are manufacturing sensors of small sizes which are inexpensive and the electronic appliance manufacturers are producing everything “Smart” for making the life easier than ever. The list of the Internet of Things is unlimited because every device can be made “smart” by fitting sensors in it and connecting it to the Internet. According to an analyst firm, there will be almost 26 billion connected devices in the coming 5 years.

There are many benefits of the internet of things and it will change the world for the better when everything a person possess will talk to him/her or give notification on a cell phone as it will minimize the issues. For example, it will be great if the fridge sends a message that there is no milk in it or it sends a message that any products expiry date is reached. In this year, a large number of smart products are produced that are connected to the Internet and there will be a lot more manufactured in the near future.

It will be good for a businessman or an employee who is going to a meeting and the road is blocked, if the car sends the notification to the other party that he/she will approach late. It can make a person able to avoid the embarrassing situation of approaching late, so it will obviously be great. IoT will also assist in saving the precious time of the person and a good example for that is an individual will save the time and can sleep more if the alarm clock that wakes him/her up at 7 am and notifies the coffee maker to begin preparing the coffee. IoT can also keep the individuals safe from the mishaps, like a bridge was collapsed a few years ago due to which many individuals died. So, if sensors are fitted in the concrete to keep check on the load or cracks, then a deadly accident can be avoided and a large number of lives can be saved by the notification of the sensors. These are some examples of how the Internet of Things can and will change the world for better.